I was surprised with tickets to the Sky's promotional experience for "And Just Like That" season 3, which seems to coincide with 25 years of Sex and the City celebration.  I had never even heard about it so not sure what happened to the marketing, as I'm a long-time fan of the older TV series.


For a £5-er - it's perfect for fans of the series, who want to end their day of shopping in the centre of London with a space dedicated to drinks, chat and take a few drunken selfies in Carrie's bedroom.

If you're looking for more interactive or a deeper experience - this is definitely not it. You really need to be into taking selfies.

Key features:

  • Carrie's apartment: 3 rooms (bed, closet, kitchen)
  • A timeline wall
  • Selfie opportunitie
  • A bar
  • Sitting areas near a giant poster
  • Free Wifi


We were early - as always - and whilst the greeters were friendly, they couldn't allow us to enter 30mins early like many of the other experiences we go to. However, they immediately greeted us even though they were all chatting amongst each other.

They were warm, friendly and quite casual - one making jokes that she'll just give me a free coaster if I want it and she'll just grab more out the back.   


Whilst things were clearly decorated in the right style, there was something 'cheap' about the space. Items were just plopped into a white office-looking space and illusion walls to make the space look bigger than it is - but it was very obvious.

As we explored we saw people asking people in passive aggressive tones to "get out of the way" as every one crammed into the tiny bedroom space to queue up to take a look at the closet.

As it seemed like a bit of a cheap and repurposed building. Furniture felt like repurposed IKEA, and the ceiling height was so low that it lost any sense of immersion. A faint musty smell felt like it emanated out of the carpet. All in all a bit weird for a show that markets itself as all about fashion and luxury.

There was an optional cloak room - albeit unsure why you'd need it since the space is so small and there are no freebies/giveaways, but perhaps the intention is that it's aimed for non-Londoners that have a long day shopping at Oxford Circus and it's a place for them to unwind and chat and appreciate the series.

The bar is paid for, £15 or so for a cocktail, which makes sense for the ticket prices.


All in all the space was really designed to be selfie opportunities as you roleplay as the new version of Carrie - in her bedroom, in her closet, looking out the New York Brownstone building window pretending to work.

There were little nods to the original show, the infamous Break Up Post-It Note was on her old laptop and a notebook that references Mr. Big.

The timeline wall seemed to be the most exciting part, where it showcases the character development in the last 25 years of the franchise.  It was right near the bar so likely served as discussion guides for the fans as they start to down their favourite SatC cocktails.


When we queried what was up a spiralling staircase to one of the staff, she replied with "sitting areas with a large poster for photos" in awkward yet positive tones. Bless - you have to appreciate their guidance of reframing the "get drunk" area.


They seemed to be a bit surprised at how quickly we went through, even suggesting that perhaps we want to have the "famous Cosmopolitan" at the bar at the back.


All in all, it was a fine experience and appropriately priced - as noted, perfect for those who want selfies, to get drunk and appreciate the series.